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    Motion           Hotel

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What's a MoHo?

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Motion Hotel is a fresh and unique take on modern indie and indie rock coupled with flawless traditional folk harmony. In a world increasingly filled with computers replacing skill, Motion Hotel aims to put the music back into musicianship. Years of performing and honing a unique sound that is easy on the ear for all types of listeners.  They have shared performance space with bands like The Shins, The Wallflowers, and Minus the Bear.


Their first release "From the Lamden" came in 2017. Shortly after came "Broken VCRs" and, after only a year in action, Motion Hotel embarked on their first successful national headlining tour across the south and midwest. Since returning, they are working hard on fresh material and plan to be back on the road touring nationally again as soon as possible. 



"...intricately crafted indie folk pop sound. You can’t help but appreciate them when you see them live, as it feels like any day now, this band could blow up."

-The Houston Press


"...a collaboration...who weave guitar and vocal harmonies into roaring, emotional songs... extremely accomplished players...."


"Motion Hotel’s strength is found in its attention to detail. ...seasoned musicians that are showcasing a whole new level in their song craft abilities. ...heartfelt, energetic, and layered with harmonies and complexities that will be quite a treat for the eyes and ears of anyone..."

-The Kentucky Kernel

“...awesome male/female harmonies, delicately picked melodies, fragile keys...catch these folks live tonight, definitely.”

-Space City Rock

"...clean and harmonious..."
-Houstonia Magazine

"...harmonize with such beauty and emotion... [Motion Hotel] has that ability to go from understated to thunderous in its live performances."

-The Houston Press

“...truly impressed...gorgeous and lush..."

-Space City Rock

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